10 Tips For Finding Thrift Treasures – Clothing Edition!

People often seem to think that there is some sort of hidden “secret” to finding the gems in thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales. But truth be told, the only secret is that it takes diligence! You cannot simply scan through a pile or rack and expect to strike gold, in the same manner that you cannot expect to find a hidden treasure in every cave. You have to have the treasure map… or at least a mental treasure map, and I’m giving mine to you for free. Use it wisely!

1) The best way to start anything is by doing research and several kinds of research. The first kind of research is, of course, finding the right places to shop.

To find thrift stores in your area, check online (try thriftshopper.com), but also don’t forget to to ask around. I’ve noticed that thrift stores are often not always listed online. Where do your friends thrift? Your mom? Your grandma? Surely you know someone who has some experience. There is more than one way to find out about these shops.

And before you go, plan out your route. It’s okay if you get off course, but be economical about your travel, or you probably aren’t saving any cash by thrifting anyway.

This list will be for thrift stores, but for listings of garage and estate sales, check craigslist or just about any local publication’s classified section. Also, I suggest taking a drive down major streets on Friday mornings. Look out for road signs to guide you in!

You’ll also want to do a secondary type of research. Decide what type of items you are looking for before you set out on a shopping spree. If you want to purchase clothing, check vintage fashion web sites, and consider what look you are going for. Or, skim through magazines (including online magazines) to discover fresh looks that you can recreate with old clothing. The key is to be open minded and creative.

2) Now get comfortable. If you want to find treasure, you might have to get a little dirty doing the grunt work. Thrift stores are often dusty places, and you might find yourself on your knees digging through shelves or piles. You wouldn’t want to ruin your latest vintage find. Remember vintage is invaluable, as it’s not easily replaced!

I also suggest wearing easily removable shoes with socks, jeans/sweats and a T-shirt, so you can easily try on items. Don’t wear anything bulky; you want to be able to try on things over your clothes if you need to.

3) You are now ready to start shopping! When you arrive at your destination, immediately dig into the area where you think you might find items you are looking for. Try not to get too distracted in other areas at first. You can check out these areas secondarily if you feel like you have the time. You do, after all, want to get what you came for.

4) Consider your options. I suggest using a cart or basket, if one is available, and picking up a few possibilities. That way, if you find something that you like and aren’t sure about, you can throw it in the cart for later consideration. Sometimes I find things that alone are not particularly outstanding in my size, but then I find the perfect compliment for it later that makes it amazing. For example, a top might not seem awesome until you find a stellar scarf and high-wasted skirt to pair with it. You can always discard items if you don’t find a good match. (Try to be respectful of employees at thrift shops, though; return items where you found them later.) Or, you could go ahead and take a gamble by purchasing it, and try to find something to wear with it elsewhere. And don’t forget that you have your own wardrobe at home that is certainly not off limits for mixing and matching.

5) Remember to be diligent in your search. I don’t know about you, but my favorite vintage items have never jumped out to bite me. In fact, I’ve found that my best finds are at the bottom of a pile somewhere, and that’s why they’ve been overlooked. I usually take great pains to dig through things that others won’t bother with.

6) One of the most important things about choosing your items is to carefully inspect the quality. First and foremost, check for rips and stains. Not everything will be in pristine condition. Unless you are a pro seamstress and want to do some handy work, I suggest moving on if the item fails this test.

7) Also, bare in mind how the item will have to be cared for. If you don’t want to take things to the dry cleaner, don’t buy dry clean only items.

8) Any item that has moved on to round two should be tried on so that you can get an idea of the fit. Fit is everything! Even if there is not a dressing room, you can always try things on over your clothes. This is why I told you not to wear anything bulky. Keep in mind that clothing sizes used to be different (and smaller than sizes today). You can usually find a full length mirror to check things out in the furniture section of thrift stores.

9) If you are looking for true blue vintage, there are several ways to identify it. Look at that tag. If it’s a recognizable brand, is the logo current? I’ve found some really neat vintage Gap before, for instance. Chances are you won’t recognize the brand, but you might be able to find a date on the back of the tag if you’re lucky. If you have an iPhone, this might be a good time to do some Google searching to identify a brand.

More than likely, your best bet for dating something is to really look at the cut, fit, stitching and obviously, the style. Certainly, this will take experience to learn the various eras of fashion, but over time you will learn if you put effort into it. If you’ve ever wondered why people shop vintage stores (like my vintage shop) rather than thrift, it’s because this is definitely a discipline to be learned.

10) Now that you’ve evaluated your primary merchandise and decided what you want, it’s time to dig into to the secondary items in the store that you overlooked earlier. I would suggest only doing this if you have the time. Remember, time is money! If you haven’t found what you want, move on to another store. Be choosey. Don’t buy something just to buy it. However, if you feel you do have some extra time, women should check the men’s section and vice versa. I actually find most of my t-shirts in the men’s section.

What To Expect When You Visit A Shopping Village

A shopping village is not just a mall filled with stores, it is a small village filled with independent shops for you to browse in. Each of the shops is in its own unique building and allows you to feel that you are in a small shop and not in a large department store.

When you go to the shopping village you could browse for fresh produce from the local farmers. You could learn about how to grow plants for yourself, and learn how to treat pests on your flowers and plants.

When you go to the shopping village you can spend the day looking for handcrafted items that are unique. Many of the shops have handcrafted items like signs, handmade quilts, hats, and items of clothing. Accessories for your home and garden that have been created by local shop keepers, and even handmade candies, cookies, and sweets. It is almost as if you have traveled back in time to a place in the past that is slower paced, and intriguing.

A shopping village is filled with artists that work with stained glass, and flower growers that can sell you the perfect specimens to grow in your garden. You can also find places to buy your skin care products, and your exquisite bed linens.

You will find quaint pubs in these villages where you can sit and rest while having a cup of tea or a tankard of ale. There are dining options located throughout the village so you can come to spend a day and enjoy a nice lunch, or an afternoon tea. The village is designed to relax your mind, feed your body, and supply your desires.

You can come to these villages on a bus with a group of friends and spend the day enjoying all of the treasured shops, eateries, and events. These villages have many different events throughout the year designed to attract more shoppers and make the traffic through the village increase.

You should never go to one of these places when you are in a hurry. They are for relaxed shopping where you browse heavily before you decide on a purchase. If you are in a hurry to run into a store and quickly leave you should shop at the impersonal stores located in the shopping centers of the city. When you come to one of the villages you should plan to take your time, and enjoy the experience.

Couples find these areas great places to get away and spend the day, or the weekend. You can browse the antique shops together looking for the perfect item to decorate your home, or you can simply explore every crook and cranny of the area together.

There was a time when all towns had shops that were personal, and catered to customer service more than to mass production. In these specialized villages the shopkeepers greet you warmly and beckon you to come in and browse. They do not spend as much time pressuring you to buy an item as they do trying to get to know you and give you an enjoyable experience. Nothing makes one of the shopkeepers happier than for you to ask questions about their wares.

A shopping village is a perfect respite to the fast paced life in the city. In a shopping village you will be welcomed by each shopkeeper, and you will feel as if you are spending time with a friend instead of browsing in a store. You can get more info here.

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Treasure Island Florida Vacations – A Visitor’s Guide to Attractions on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Treasure Island, located between St. Pete Beach and Madeira Beach, has among the whitest and widest beaches in all of Florida. Treasure Island offers a quieter alternative to some of the more popular beaches in the Tampa Bay area, making it an ideal vacation spot for families or couples looking for a quiet and relaxing get away.

One of the most popular attractions in Treasure Island is the Treasure Island Beach Trail. This mile long walkway along the east side of the beach offers easy access to motels, restaurants and bars that make up the heart of Treasure Island’s hotel district.Treasure Island’s downtown area has several clothing stores, a drug store, banks, a liquor store, several restaurants, bars and a new grocery store.

John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk is located on the border between Treasure Island and Madeira Beach. John’s Pass is an old fishing village that has been transformed into a quaint area with 110 shops, galleries, restaurants and water-sport vendors. You will find antiques, art, local crafts, unique clothing and jewelry, as well as tempting restaurants featuring fresh fish and seafood. Family members of all ages will enjoy shopping, eating, and the various other activities available at John’s Pass Village, a main attraction for vacationers in the Tampa Bay area.

To the south of Treasure Island in St. Pete Beach, jet skiing, parasailing, and dolphin and sunset boat tours are just a few of the many attractions you will find. Shopping enthusiasts can peruse the specialty boutiques in Pass-A-Grille or take a stroll to the Historic Corey Avenue Shopping District located along Gulf Blvd.

In nearby Tampa Bay, you can visit Busch Gardens and experience up-close encounters with amazing animals, take an unforgettable safari across the Serengeti Plains, test your courage on pulse-pounding coasters, or catch live entertainment all year long. Or spend the afternoon at Adventure Island, Tampa’s only outdoor water theme park.

Treasure Island offers a variety of restaurants in its downtown area. A visit to Sloppy Joe’s Beach Bar during dinner is a must. It is worth it to wait for a table on the patio directly on the beach and view amazing sunsets while you dine.

Treasure Island features a mix of classic “Mom and Pop” motels and the newest and most luxurious condos and hotels on the Florida’s Gulf Coast. For an unforgettable vacation you might want to consider staying at the Sunset Vistas Beachfront Suites. This new “all-suite” beachfront resort comes with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen, plus a private Gulf view balcony. Located directly on the beach and less than a mile from John’s Pass, with a spectacular outdoor pool, this is an amazing place to stay. For more budget-conscious vacationers, the Thunderbird Beach Resort is centered around a tropical courtyard featuring a large heated pool and hot tub. The resort is located directly on the beach and many rooms offer private balconies overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, you can dine Karim’s Mediterranean Bistro and pay a visit to the Tiki Beach Bar which features live outdoor entertainment and fabulous sunsets.

Fiona Blacksmith is the owner of BestFloridaBeaches.org, a website dedicated to the Best Florida Beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Cash in Five Hidden Treasures in Machine Shops

Human beings enjoy the surprises felt when they unearth a treasure that has been long forgotten or hidden away. Movies and fictional books abound bookshelves that deal with the findings of lost treasures. From the garbage picker that goes through the waste baskets looking for treasures to sophisticated people that auction off expensive antiques that they did not even know they possessed, we all enjoy the element of surprise and the monetary gains obtained when we unlock a hidden treasure either left behind for us by our ancestors or ones that we collected but simply forgot about it because it was not easily accessible or hidden away somewhere.

In this article we will deal with similar situations that exist in many machine shops throughout the world. There are so many items that get purchased for a specific machining application or a specific machining job, but once the job gets completed, they get put away for years and generally forgotten about. There is money in these tools and items and one simply needs to keep focused and look for it and convert all those hidden treasures to liquid cash.

First, go through all of the metal chips and scrap that has been collected and sell it to a recycling company. Metal scrap nowadays is worth a lot of money considering the rising price of commodities. Depending upon the chemistry of the material some metal scrap can bring in several dollars per pound of scrap whereas others may bring in a few cents per pound. Hence metal scrap is one key hidden treasure.

Next go through and collect all of the used carbide cutting inserts that have been deemed dull or over used. Most of the time, the binding agent in these cutting inserts used in machining applications is cobalt, which is quite expensive. Carbide scrap can fetch several dollars per pound and can be sold to carbide manufacturers who can remelt them and make new inserts for sale. Hence used carbide inserts is another hidden treasure.

Thirdly, go through all of the drills that have been sharpened several times and deemed unfit for use and recycle them. Some of the drills and reamers also have significant amounts of cobalt that can fetch a pretty penny and so instead of forgetting about them, sell them to a metal scrap dealer to get some cash.

Fourthly, old pieces of tooling and work holding fixtures that are no longer used for existing machining jobs can similarly be sold for scrap metal value.

Finally, wooden pallets that are in good shape, especially the four feet by four feet and six feet by six feet wooden pallets that are collected from incoming materials and generally stacked away in a corner collecting dust and occupying space can be sold to collect cash. Collectively, all these five steps can end up providing some good returns and are really hidden treasures that every machine shop owner needs to address and take advantage of.

The author invites you to visit the industrial mechanical section of [http://articlewonders.com] for more articles on machine shop practice and his blog at http://thermalsprayedcoatings.blogspot.com for thoughts on thermal sprayed coatings technology.

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Antique Malls – The Insider’s Guide to Hunting For Retro and Vintage Treasures

Antique malls are one of the best sources for finding retro kitsch and vintage treasures. They are great places to shop for the wealth of great items offered in one concentrated location. As these venues can be very overwhelming, however, it is best to arrive prepared! Here are some tips and helpful information for making your trip fun and successful:

What it Is: The term “antique mall” refers to one large store that typically houses an array of booths, or sections, whereby each one is rented by the owner, or dealer, of the goods. Booth spaces vary in size, depending on the amount of items being featured. Any given booth may have a focused collection of an item, such as old books, vintage clothing, record albums, etc., or you may see a hodgepodge of various items.

Pricing: The dealer of the booth will price their own items, often with the term “firm” listed underneath the price. This means that there is no negotiating on the price for that particular item (this is often seen on one-of-a-kind type finds or rare and valuable items). For items without “firm” listed, it is possible to inquire with the staff of the antique mall about contacting the owner of the booth for price negotiation. This can take time, however, and should only be done for items you are certain you wish to purchase for a determined price.

How to Shop an Antique Mall:

Make a list of specific items you’re looking for before you go
Antique malls are full of so many eclectic wares that you can become easily overwhelmed and distracted. Having one or more items on your agenda helps keep you
focused on your particular search.

Educate yourself as much as possible about the item(s) you are looking for
Does the piece have any identifiable characteristics? Is there a specific year or time frame for authentic items? What is the price range the item typically sells for or is worth? Some dealers have no idea what they actually have, so they may think something is more or less valuable than it actually is.

Don’t hesitate to ask the staff if you are looking for something specific
They may know where to guide you. If they don’t know or are unsure, however, go ahead and look around anyway. There are many hidden treasures in an antique mall that sometimes go unnoticed.

Don’t be afraid to explore and dig
Many dealers fill every last inch of their space, so go ahead and dig through bins, shelves, and racks to reveal unseen treasures.

Set a budget
Know what you are willing to pay for the items you are searching for. If you have no particular items in mind, and you are just searching for random treasures that appeal to you, then give yourself a total amount you wish to spend in that mall (if monetary issues apply to you!).

Bring someone with you
It is always good to have a second opinion when shopping in an antique mall; it is also helpful to have another person searching for the items on your list in case you miss something yourself. Plus, it’s often more fun to share the experience!

Give yourself plenty of time
To get the full value of your shopping trip, you need to not be rushed. The more time you have for strolling, searching, and digging, the better your chances of uncovering a treasure!

Bring a camera and take pictures
Especially for higher-priced and larger items, it is good to photograph the item so that you can see if it will work in your home. Sales are usually final at antique malls, so you don’t want to impulse buy unless you are completely certain that the item is right for you.

Make frequent visits
If you like a particular antique mall, do go back often as dealers are always adding items to their booths. Also, the staff will begin to recognize you, and you can ask them to inform you if any of your desired items become available.

Overall, an antique mall is a great arena to find a plethora of eclectic items for your retro home and personal style. By following the above guidelines and tips, the antique mall shopping experience can be one of the most fruitful and fun in your quest for retro and vintage treasures.

For more information on shopping and decorating vintage-style, visit [http://www.50sretrostyle.com]

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Christmas Shopping in London

London is a favorite city for many tourists to visit, and it is known for its fine shopping opportunities as well as a bounty of goods for treasure hunters. The diverse shopping opportunities that London offers make it a prime and unique location for shoppers, whether living there or on vacation. The beauty of the city, topped with the magical atmosphere is the perfect setting for Christmas shopping. During this season, the magic spreads all over London streets like a postcard scenery and the opportunities for a great shopping experience abound.

Some of the best or top shopping destinations in London are in the retail districts and all over the side streets. One of the best characteristics is that London shopping is tailored to fit every budget and style. Here are some of the top shopping destinations.

Oxford Street is the main venue for London shoppers. It is where everything happens – where the magic of Christmas shopping begins. There are over 300 shops in Oxford Street. It has many designer outlets, specialty stores, and many landmark locations as well. Some legendary stores include Selfridges, Debenhams, and John Lewis. Expect holiday crowds at this location, but some of the side streets might offer a bit of a break from crowds, however, not that much during the holiday shopping season.

King’s road offer many specialty and trendy boutiques. Here you will find high end and designer’s goods, as well as many eateries and cafes to take a break from time to time, recharge, and continue shopping. One favorite of shoppers is Chelsea Antiques Market.

If designer labels are in the shopping list, then Carnaby Street is the place to visit. This street has offer designer goods for years and continues to do so. Fashion in all senses can be found here. There are also cafes and restaurants. One favorite location is Kingly court, with three floors of unique products and one of a kind items.

For an old fashion and mid range shopping experience visit Regent Street and Jermyn Street. The feeling is elegant shopping at a great price, like the good old days. For a more luxurious and “money is not an object” experience visit Bond Street and Mayfair. This is an exclusive area, and you might even encounter some celebrities.

Looking for unique and interesting items? Then, Covent Garden is the place to shop. This location will offer the shopper many items, from unique to trendy, as well as the latest fashions, and whimsical treasures. Shopping in London is exciting, but during the holiday season, it becomes magical.

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The Eco Guide in Mallorca

Eco “Supermarkets”:


This Palma store stocks organic produce and health foods, and has a deli.

C/Andrea Dorria 50, 07014 Palma

El Lloc d’Enmig

This gourmet shop in Palma’s bustling Mercat de l’Olivar offers a wide range of spices and salts from all over the world (including Mallorca), seaweed, honey, pulses and 20 different types of organic rice. Free parking for clients and a delivery service for restaurants are also offered.

Mercat de l’Olivar, stand 125

Plaça de l’Olivar, Palma.

Tel: + 34 666 243 025.


First opened in 1991, they began with a small shop on a very quiet street in Palma. Devotion, passion, hard work and help from their friends have enabled them to become the largest centre in the Balearics dedicated to organic food, natural medicine and a sustainable lifestyle.

Jeroni Antich no. 7 (Junto a Plaza los Patines ), Palma

Tel: + 34 971 716 804


Terra Verda

This Palma store, which opened last June, is one of 16 branches of the Spanish Terra Verda chain, dedicated to meeting the growing demands of those seeking natural products to improve their quality of life. Eco and dietetic foods, natural cosmetics, teas, books, music and more.

C/La Protectora, 10, Edifici Sa Clastra, Palma

Tel: +34 971 726 973



Herboristeria L’Arxiduc

The store carries all kinds of health items (no fresh produce): natural cosmetics, medicinal herbs, aromatherapy, eco-friendly clothes, books, vitamins, sweet almond milk.

C/Arxiduc Lluis Salvador 2, 07179 Deià

Tel: +34 971 458 200


This small store is a treasure trove of ecological items, from children’s toys to cosmetics to pens made out of corn . . . and more.

C/ Argenteria 7, Palma

Tel: + 34 971 07 92 72


Es Raco de ses Herbes

This charming store can be found in Bunyola and carries all organic health foods and a wide range of natural and organic products and remedies.

C/Mayor 1 (the square) Bunyola.

Tel: + 34 971 148 316

Gaia Natural Products

Traditional methods for modern times are employed in the production of these natural cosmetic products designed for all the family. Gaia Natural Cosmetics are made from only the simplest and purest of ingredients, harvested from sustainably-grown organic plants and herbs from their own farmhouse land in Mallorca. Local olive and sweet almond oils, and only eco-friendly methods and packaging are used. Their range includes environmentally-friendly soaps, moisturisers, gels, washes and scrubs.

Calle Corderia 25, Palma de Mallorca

Tel: +34 971 714 983


Organic Farms:

Son Barrina Organic Farm

Farm shop supermarket selling everything organic at family-affordable prices, including fresh, frozen and packaged foods, drinks, and household and personal products. They also offer activities, including ceramic painting and a kids’ gardening club. Ctra. Inca-Llubi Km 6, Mallorca.


Tel: + 34 971 639 434

Sa Teulera:

Farm shop supermarket, near Manacor, open three days a week to the general public. From their own dairy herd they produce fresh unpasteurised milk, natural yoghurt and three types of cheese. Some meat is also available. The talkative grey parrots enjoy a chat, but are not for sale!

From the PM332 Petra to Manacor road, about 5km from Manacor, follow “Sa Teulera” signs over the railway bridge and along the track to the farm shop car park.

Tel: + 34 971 183 474


Located in Capdepera, their philosophy is to farm crops and stock sustainably. Produce includes a wide range of seasonal vegetables, quality meat from their own livestock, herbs, dry goods and honey (from their bees). Medicinal herbs include rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley, basil mint, rue, and chamomile, as well as more elusive herbs such as lemongrass, dill, burnet, and French tarragon.

Binifela ( Son Jaumell ) in Cala Radjada

Tel: + 34 971 819 034

Eco Ram

A group of farmers and stock-breeders on the Balearic Islands who produce, manufacture and sell environment-friendly organic food products.

C/ Des Trinquet 3, 1er 07510 Sineu

Tel: +34 616 068 600


This co-operative of five fincas in Capdepera, Manacor, Vilafranca, Montuiri and Esporles uses ecological methods in agricultural production. Their products are available at various retail outlets across the island.


Biogranja La Real

A recent addition to the eco scene, this farm shop is only minutes from central Palma, offering a wide selection of local and own organic seasonal produce and other ecological items. Their land includes mini-plots available to rent so you can grow your own organic veggies!

Secar de la Real, Palma

Tel: +34 971 25 41 95



Ca Na Toneta

A small and charming family restaurant in the oil-producing village of Caimari, and run by sisters Maria and Teresa Solivellas. Every morning they visit the Port of Pollença for the fisherman’s latest catch, on which they base their menu for that evening – which includes organic vegetables and fruits from their own garden. In winter, open Thursdays to Sundays for dinner only.

C/Horitzo 21, 07314 Caimari

Tel: + 34 971 515 226

Bon Lloc

Located in the historic heart of Palma, in an old Mallorcan manor house, this popular restaurant offers organic cooking that’s synonymous with good health, but also well-seasoned and varied. They serve a daily-changing menu, but open only at lunchtimes. Juanjo Ramirez uses the rest of his time to invent organic dishes. Locals, tourists, vegetarians and non-vegetarians all appreciate the tranquil atmosphere of this well-known establishment.

C/Feliu 7, Palma

Tel: +34 971 71 86 17

Bens D’Avall

Chef Benet Vicens is considered the initiator of the”new Balearic cuisine” and has earned the unanimous recognition of food critics and professionals. He enthusiastically uses local, fresh, quality produce to create his unique clean-tasting cuisine, bursting with distinct flavours and aromas. Giving preference to local produce not only results in authentic cuisine, but helps secure the futures of those people who produce and sell it.

Urb. Costa Deià. Ctra. Sóller-Deià.

Tel: +34 971 632 381


Amadip Esment

This non-profit organisation provides work opportunities for intellectually disabled people. Their “shop windows” are their two restaurant/café/botigas, where their own home-grown organic fruit and vegetables are used. One is in Palma´s old town, the other in Palmanova, and both are popular for their high standard of lunches and catering service.

Palma: Plaça Es Pes de Sa Palla s/n

Tel: +34 971 722 505

Palmanova: Adjacent to the hospital by the Palmanova roundabout on the Crta Palma-Andratx s/n

Tel: +34 971 597 300


Renewable energy

On this sun-blessed island of Mallorca it seems strange that relatively few people exploit the sun’s energy in their daily lives. Whether it’s providing electricity, heating for water, home, or swimming pool, this free source of energy can be harnessed with a solar energy power system. It’s been estimated that the amount of energy used by people all over the globe in one year is produced by the sun in just one hour!

Now that new properties built must include some use of solar energy, companies specialising in this technology are increasing in number. These are links to some of them:





Eco Homes:

Natur Llar Ecomaterials

Bio materials: insulation cork, wood, hemp, natural lime, lime mortar, natural breathable paints, natural treatments for wood energy systems, solar thermal radiant flooring and walls, stoves and biomass boilers.

C/ Palma-Artà, 15, Manacor

Tel: + 34 971 845 963



The benefits of ‘green building’ can be specified in cost savings and respect for the environment, with reduced emissions impacting less on the climate. This company promotes eco-real estate, offering the possibility of sustainable housing and eco-intelligence, housing projects with geo-biologist integration, choice of materials and energy sources, and bioenergetics architecture.


Tel: +34 629 118 619



Manufacturer of air lime mortars. Fat lime – dating back to the beginning of civilisation – is by its nature and versatility one of the finest materials that’s been used in architecture and construction. Mortar was always used for plastering, rendering and the art of marble-imitating stucco, in Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque times.

C/ Puigverd s/n, Felanitx

Tel: +34 971 580 634



Founded in 1996, Bioma builds in a natural way, meeting sustainability criteria and based on the wisdom of our ancestors – but with today’s technology. They understand that homes are our ‘third skin’ and, as such, must be harmonious and healthy.

Harmony is achieved through planning and design, with appropriate proportions and distribution of meditative space. Materials are chosen with consideration for future recycling implications. Energy saving and a sense of wellbeing result from the application of bioclimatic criteria with ecological alternative energy solutions.

Ca’n Mas 4 , Pla de Na Tesa

Tel: + 34 971 79 43 28



Bio-constructor. Their company was born out of the idea that a house is alive and therefore needs to breathe. Several of their projects can be viewed already all over Mallorca. Biodynamic, eco materials are used in their environmentally-friendly construction.

C/ Pintor Miguel Angel 30, Inca

Tel: + 34 971 506 274



This company is currently constructing the first zero-energy house in Mallorca. Walls, foundations and windows are insulated to reduce the use of energy. Stored warmth from the sun (or coolness in summer) isn’t lost through the outer shell. External planting is specifically designed so that, in summer, the building is shaded and, in winter, the sun keeps the external walls warm. The primary heat source is the sun and, second, sources such as wood. All household appliances correspond to the lowest forms of energy.

A Timeless Treasure

It’s surprising how we can accumulate so many things that we even forget when they were purchased or where they came from. When these items get old or have lost their appeal, they can end up in the garage or the attic with the other gadgets,toys, tools, and whatnuts. Some items might have been purchased brand new; some bought from a resale or antique shop, and others things might have been inherited. The items that are easy to obtain or replace, usually end up being discarded or recycled, while other items are retained and carefully stored because they are unusual and considered priceless or timeless treasures. The value of any treasure is estimated by the one, who possesses it. A quotable quote that can help us understand the importance of treasures to others is: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

When you hear the word timeless, what do you think about? Timeless is defined as: Unchanged, remaining invariable throughout time; or 2. Eternal: having no beginning or end. The first definition would or could be applied to materials things and sometimes people, who never seem to age and are able to maintain a youthful appearance.

Are you timeless or do you have something in your possession that can be considered timeless? Most people possess at least one item, which they deem priceless or timeless, because of special or unique qualities. Some time ago, I received an E-mail, about something I believe could be considered a timeless treasure but when we don’t know and realize the value of a thing, we will either abuse it or take it for granted. This timeless treasure is: GOOD ADVICE.

I haven’t met anyone yet, who is not familiar with ‘good advice;’ we have all been a recipient of it some time or another during the course of our lives. Unfortunately, we are not always receptive to the one giving us this treasure and sometimes fail to heed the counsel in the words that are given. Unlike other treasures we already have in our possession, if we are not careful with the way we handle advice; we can cause injury to ourselves or loved ones. On the other hand, if we receive and heed sound advice, it can result in great blessings for us, our loved ones and even save a life. While you assess your personal valuables, be sure to also hold on to the timeless treasure of good advice and if you handle it with care, you can feel good about sharing it with others and anticipate good results.

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Clean out treasure 2012 ticket sellers Noah’s ark

It’s already been long asserted the year Next year will discover the end of the entire world. The movie Next year actually makes an attempt to demonstrate all of us the particular disastrous situations primary upwards t0 the world catastrophe, as well as a contemporary variation involving Noah’s Ark, a spead boat throughout Tibet exactly where men and women will be safe. Even though seats for that video deliver cost a thousand Pounds each and every, in the real world they could be bought for less than $0.A few.

Chinese shopping on the web website, Taobao, has numerous internet vendors selling these counterfeit tickets in Several RMB a chunk. The actual tickets have been known as a whole new year’s reward, a new funny way of making sure one’s basic safety in the face of the actual Next year Armageddon. A large number of seats have been distributed thus far. Actual retailers are generally stamping upward along with marketing these types of passes, also. 1 store in Jingsau who has sold Two,Five hundred train as well as ark seat tickets in Several RMB every. Another sold One,Seven-hundred China Noah’s Ark passes in a very thirty day period, with Only two RMB each.

Though there are a couple of versions with the solution, the knowledge on these continues to be regular-the actual getting on moment, which can be midnight in Dec 21st 2012, as well as the boarding location, from Zhuo Ming Gu connect. Here is the identical data that is certainly mentioned inside the movie 2012. Log cabin car seats and ticket numbers have been provided. To produce the particular seats appear actual, a few shops have got presented ticketing programs that permit absolutely free themes to go in their particular title, nationality and other facts about their own seats.

China internet shopping web site, Taobao, offers many websites marketing these types of bogus seat tickets with 3 RMB a bit. The particular seats are already popular as a fresh year’s surprise, a humorous method of guaranteeing one’s safety industry by storm the 2012 Armageddon. A huge number of seats are actually distributed to date. Actual merchants are generally printing upwards and marketing these types of seat tickets, too. A single keep in Jingsau who has sold A couple of,400 prepare and ark seats from Several RMB each. One more offered One particular,800 Chinese language Noah’s Ark moves in a very thirty day period, in A couple of RMB every single.

Aside from the seats, everyone is lining up as much as acquire various other joke success products for example earth quake firstaid kits, save basics, emergency remedies deals as well as Europe Armed service Knifes. Very an innovative approach to pleasant Next year, wouldn’t anyone say?