How to Become a Treasure Hunter

Treasure hunting has evolved to be a popular profession and an exciting hobby alike for many. There is a range of metal detecting equipments that are readily available in many sports shops or can be purchased online.

In case you are planning to take up gold detecting earnestly, the first step would be to organize the necessary funding through bank loans or from relatives or friends who will support you. Treasure hunting requires lot of money to source the equipment and to meet extensive traveling costs.

You can also team up with someone who has set out to become a treasure hunter. In case you are a novice in this field and are not confident about your detective skills, this arrangement would work perfectly fine for you. It will improve your chances of successful metal search.

Online searching is the best way to find out likeminded people who are interested in treasure hunting. Depending on the type of treasure that fancies you, you can choose from any expeditions that are going all round the world. Explore the various trips on offer and the possibilities of finding the treasure. In case you are planning to make treasure hunting your profession, you can enroll in the treasure hunter’s university to hone up your gold detecting skills.

Treasure hunting is a complex process and you can get started in small strides. Buy a basic metal detector that falls within your budget and start hunting for treasures. Make sure to find those spots from where treasure hunting has been reported as you run a better chance to hit the pot in such spots. You might need nothing more than a metal detector to find valuable jewelry, gold and other treasures if the site chosen is good.

An amateur metal detective should have some of the basic tools for digging out treasure including a metal detector, a digging tool, a carry bag and a good reference book on metal detecting.

It is important to know the laws of the land and an over view of the licenses and permits required to be a treasure hunter. The best way to pick up the ropes of treasure hunting is to have a mentor who has hands- on experience on the job.

Metal search [] is not just fun but is also a rewarding profession and to find out the more details on bounty hunter [], all you need to do is to hit any informative website.

Benefits of Shopping At an Online Thrift Store

Local mortar retail thrift shops have been around for many years and today online thrift stores are becoming just as popular. Most people shop second-hand stores to find great deals on a wide variety of merchandise including, clothes for their family, home decorations, furniture, sporting goods, holiday and seasonal decorations.The Internet has made it possible for us to shop online from the comfort of our homes, saving us gas money and the time it would take for us to make the trip to our local thrift store. For those that are looking for that one particular treasure, they can simply search for that treasure from the home page of an online thrift store to see the stores’ latest availability.

Listed below are a few of the many benefits you can expect to receive:


Very low prices!
Special deals & discounts
Convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home
Customers won’t have to battle with crowds of people
Customers save gas money
Customers saves time
Most online thrift stores will also offer new merchandise
An online thrift store will tend to be organized and easy to navigate
Easy to find merchandise through search capabilities
Some online thrift stores offer consignment services, which gives you the ability to sell your unwanted items and earn some extra money


Availability – most second-hand merchandise will have a limited quantity
Customer service – In some cases, email is the only form of communication
Customer does not have the ability to see the product, except through pictures
Customer does not have the ability to try on apparel
Customer does not have the ability to test electronics or fixtures
Sold as-is condition
Security and safety of your payment and personal information
Shipping charges

Although there may be a few disadvantages, many online thrift stores have overcome these disadvantages by offering better return policies and they will often offer discounted or free shipping options. This is a great way to shop, because you can virtually received your merchandise risk-free and if you find that the product you ordered didn’t fit, wasn’t what you thought it was, didn’t work, etc. you simply return it.

Most online stores will have a “Contact Us” page listing their company’s phone number, mailing address and email address as a means of communicating with their customers. So, if you find a problem with your order or have a question about a product you seen in their store, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Security and safety of any online purchase has always been a concern. It is important to look for sites that have a high security level (SSL certification, don’t share payment or personal information, including email, etc.); this information can generally be found in the store’s policies, terms and conditions pages. Most secure sites will proudly display high security badges on their shopping cart pages or some will even display security badges on the header of their store pages letting their customers know that their information is safe.

Things to Do in Treasure Island, Florida

Treasure Island Beach is a charming beach town right off the waters of St. Petersburg, Florida. It boasts some of the widest beaches in Florida, and its family-centered demographics make it an ideal vacation spot for families, and folks looking for a relaxing getaway. In fact, Babe Ruth owned a Treasure Island beachfront house after he retired.

Not too much has changed since the Babe lived out this way – it still attracts a number of tourists, but not the large crowds you see at Clearwater Beach. Treasure Island is actually one of the few places you can still enjoy ‘Old Florida,’ just as the Babe did, with an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and recreation activities.

Deep Sea Fishing – Enjoy a group fishing expedition with your family. Set sail from the docks of John’s Pass Marina and explore local area waterways in search of a big catch! There are several fishing charters in Treasure Island that offer affordable fishing expedition packages for the whole family.

Waverunner Rentals – You can rent waverunners on the beach and on Boca Ciega Bay. Most charge around $60 hour an hour rental, but you can typically fit two people on each one. That works out to be $120, although you can score a better deal if you rent during twilight hours.

John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk – Full of shopping and dining, this is a must-see for all those visiting the area. Check out the Friendly Fisherman Restaurant or Sculley’s Boardwalk Grille. The boardwalk is a great place to watch for dolphins, known to come out during twilight hours. A beautiful way to watch the sun set!

Hubbard’s Marina Ferry to Egmont Key – Take a ferry ride to historic Egmont Key, which was used by the military in the Spanish-American War and World War II. You’ll see the historic lighthouse, and tons of Florida wildlife including the seagrass beds, the gopher tortoise, and a seabird sanctuary. You’ll have the opportunity to snorkel and swim as much as you’d like. Tours last 3-5 hours.

John’s Pass Parasail – If you can brave the height of 1,200 feet, you’ll see the most incredible view of Treasure Island and the surrounding Gulf Beaches, all the way down to Sarasota. Stay perfectly dry or dip into the waters! You can even experience the rush with one, two, and even three people at a time!

How Shopping In Your Closet Saves You Money

Oh-oh. It’s that time of year again when you need to go clothes shopping; but, alas, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a new wardrobe. Consider the following: In “Pirates of the Caribbean, ” Captain Jack Sparrow battles ghosts and the British Army to capture the hidden treasure of the cave. While most of us want the treasure, we don’t really want to resort to swordplay over it. So, before going out to do battle on the malls, you might ponder this. Your cave (aka closet) probably has a few hidden treasures in it already.

Instead of fighting for your treasures, you only have to search for them. And, you can save yourself a bundle of money at the same time. Instead of automatically going shopping for new clothes at the beginning of this season, you can discover hidden gems by creating new combinations out of what you already own. Instead of always wearing the same old white top with the same old black jacket, pants, and shoes, spend a few hours some weekend afternoon trying on your clothes in new ways,and create some pizzazz!

Start with a KEY piece–pants or a skirt (the workhorses of your wardrobe), and find every possible top to go with it. Experiment! Try unusual color or style mixes. Put your clothes together in ways you’ve never considered before. Have some fun with this! Add a jacket or sweater to each outfit–in case you need one for a more professional look or to cope with the weather.

A basic pair of nice pants or a basic skirt can be the foundation for a number of outfits when combined with different shirts, blouses, jackets and sweaters. (In fact, I often do a demonstration in which 9 pieces of clothing can be combined into 63 different outfits!)

Next, hold up accessory bundles (i.e. shoes, belt, bag, jewelry, etc.) that harmonize with each other and see if they work with each outfit, too. A unique piece of jewelry, a beautiful scarf or a jazzy pair of shoes can add flair to your basic clothes.

Birthday Party Games Treasure Hunt

The Birthday Treasure Hunt…

Make a Birthday (or any reason for a gift) into a fun time for all……

First the short, simple version:- Put a clue in a Birthday card that leads to another clue, then another clue, until eventually they find the gift..just like a real treasure hunt.
For the finer points on…

For many years I have not GIVEN Birthday or Christmas presents to my children, instead they receive their Celebration card and in the card is a simple clue written on a piece of paper. (Depending on the age and ability of the birthday child would depend on the clue they receive).

The general idea is to play treasure hunt on whatever scale you feel the recipient can manage…E.g. Young children from 4 to 10 would probably be restricted to the house and garden. Teenagers may like to travel to local malls or shops..for adults unless you have a rocket to play with ..the world is big enough!!

This Idea works like this.

Get a piece of paper and a marker pen and think of areas where you could put a clue that will direct them to another clue….e.g.. Clue— “Where does Buzz light year go when the play room is tidy?” The answer is “the toy box” When they figure that out, tell them there is another clue in the toy box. They now go to the toy box and find a clue (may be fixed to Buzz Lightyear) it could say “where do you store your bike??” The answer could well be the shed or garage…so the child goes to the shed or where ever the bike is stored and there, fixed to the bike, is another clue.

The Treasure hunter will enjoy this much more than just getting the present given to them. Try it yourself( do a dummy run with your partner and see what fun it is).I suggest making the treasure hunter work a bit, so why not put the first clue down stairs and the second one up stairs and then the third one in the garage..think of two places a long way from each other then watch and enjoy as your treasure hunter runs around the place looking for the next clue!

After four of 5 clues (or more if you like, sometimes a clue could send them to the fridge for an Ice cream..then they find a clue fixed to the ice cream!). They eventually find the present that you may have hidden in a draw or under the settee.
Some clues can be tricky so you may have to give hints or tips. This could take the form of the game “charades” where you can give a clue, but you can’t speak, you only give signs.

Writing the clue is especially suited to personal family jokes or Information i.e. Clue:- “This is where the item that Granny broke last Christmas used to be”….may be she broke the vase on the fireplace, so they go to the fireplace where the vase used to be and find a clue there. (for an adult version, I guess you could hide the clues about your person! I shall say no more on that!!)

There are many variations on this simple Idea, for example… for teenagers this can be made into your major party game. Your clues could suggest they go to a few local shops or places of interest. The way that works is to select the places you think would be good to visit (may be you know the shopkeeper or assistant there) and deposit a clue in a brightly coloured envelope with the shopkeeper or assistant at each place. When preparing for the treasure hunt, just go to the selected place and explain you have a treasure hunt for a party game and would they mind if the their establishment was a place for a clue to be kept? (I find giving the assistant a few bucks as a tip is a good way to get it two work smoothly).
If the assistant agrees check they know what your treasure hunter looks like and give them a password that the treasure hunter must say before they receive the clue envelope. Tell them an approximate time (and day) that your treasure hunter should arrive. When the treasure hunter arrives they ask for the password (which was on the previous clue), if it is correct handover the clue. Once, in a candy shop, I pre paid for six packets of candy, this way, when my lad and his mates came in, they got a packet of candy as well as the clue…

As for the clues themselves write them in big letters on a sheet of A4 or A5 as you may have quite a few people in the treasure hunt party all wanting to read the same clue. The bigger and brighter the envelope you put the clue in , the better! (I tend to keep all the envelopes the same size and colour, this helps with continuity and is an assurance they are getting the correct envelope). You can make the treasure hunters work out the location of the next clue with a word game. An anogram of GOD has the clue under their food bowl…

You can really put some work in and bury a clue in a box or a bag, may be in the garden or even a public place like a beach or under some stones in a park. The places to hide the clues are the envelope has no value as such they should not be stolen if you hide them well.

How do they get around?/ they could all be on their bikes or you can say you will be the driver..that way you can enjoy the fun, they get to be the back seat driver and keep you can an eye on them all.

Have fun

From a Happy Dad

This fun family idea is brought to you by Owen Winter

Owen Winter

An Englishman in Dubai

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Treasure Trooper – Like Any Other GPTs?

How: Complete offers, free trials and surveys

Referral: 20% of level 1 and 5% of second level referrals

Payment: Via check, minimum payout $20 which can be obtained in less than a day

Upgrade: None needed


Get paid to try out offers for free, we can keep them if we like
We can cancel them if we don’t and keep the payment
Allows us to submit email or zip code with ” intent to participate” and earn $0.50 or $0.75 in seconds
Most offers will go through within few minutes
Win pearls we can trade in for referrals
There are lot of games and contests to win extra cash or prizes
Supportive forum and fun contests

Cons: Get charges if we don’t cancel within a certain time

Seldom offers not go through and we’ll have to do it several times to get them through
They might take up to two weeks
Need an effort to keep track of free trial notes
Sometimes we get a hold on trial call centers and spend a noticeable time waiting
Offers are less for people outside US/Canada

Not many Get Paid To Complete Offers sites out there are as successful as Treasure Trooper and Cash Crate. They are the most reliable, desired and prospective sites that benefits their advertisers and members by giving each them what they need. Advertisers need leads and members need information, often free offers and stuffs, and they like it more when they got paid. To get the best profit only requires a little management…

Treasure Trooper advertisers provide surveys, sample products, free trial sign ups, clubs joining, credit card registrations and pay us to do them. When we sign-up for a service and turns out it’s not for us, we can cancel it before the trial period ends and mostly we can get a refund. Even if we don’t, our earning from Treasure Trooper still covers up our expense. Most offers will be approved in a day or two, although very seldom it would take up to a week or two.

At one time they have more than 200 offers mostly pay $0.5 or $1. We can earn up to $120 in two weeks with less than two hours a day. So these alone can earn us at least $200 per month. The offers can pay up to $60 for signing up for a Bingo site and deposit $20. Another pays $10 for a 10 days free trial of which can be cancelled before the 10 days period ends but we still own the $10. One thing we shouldn’t forget after signing up is to hit the “Done” button next to the offer to notify Treasure Trooper that we’ve done it.

If you are looking to earn more, then the advertisers should have more information too. They provide offers with higher payment which usually require a credit card and probably require you to deposit an initial value or buy a trial period.

Treasure Trooper also offers daily surveys worth $0.75 and has about 100 survey partners pay for our thoughts.

One unique feature of Treasure Trooper is treasure hunts. Treasures are found by collecting maps. And maps are collected by earning coins. Where do we get coins? …Exactly! By completing offers. Treasures worth hundred dollars. Everybody has the same chance of winning, assumed they have enough maps and coins.

Another way is rather to save money then to earn money. If you’ve got something to buy, it’ll be worth using Treasure Trooper’s cash back shopping. Treasure Trooper’s Cash Back Shopping area contains links to Footlocker, Linens and Things, Best Buy, and other major retailers. By clicking the store’s link, you will get 1 to 50 percent cash back of your spending.

You might want to try a bonus game after each offer to find a pearl. Every 8 pearls collected, we can get a “Pearl Friendship Bracelet” in the Trading Hut. What does it do? It gives us 2 referrals. By the way, how do referrals benefit us? Simple and doesn’t need much accounting. Treasure Trooper grants us 20% of our referrals earnings and 5% of their referrals earnings. When you start having referrals, make sure you contact them regularly to find out if they had any problems with Treasure Trooper. Or maybe refer them to this article. This way you can have your referral earning exceeds your effort in a month alone!

Treasure Trooper’s membership as well as Cash Crate’s goes international. However, most of the offers only for those who are in the US/Canada. But worry not! International members can still benefit through Treasure Trooper by referring a lot of US/Canadian members.

Minimum payout is $20. You will be sent a check (between the 15th and 20th) if your last month’s balance were over or equal to $20.

Now, when you’re ready to get your hands on Treasure Trooper, there are few preparations to smooth things up

First one is to create an alternative email address so your original email account won’t get clogged. Not by Treasure Trooper’s spam, but most likely follow up emails from those advertisers you signed up for free offers. You can use any of the free email services like Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail. Remember to enter the same email you used to register with Treasure Trooper to complete free offers.

Second, you might want to keep track of the date you sign up for a free offer as well as their expiration date. If you intend to cancel the free trial, make sure to do it before the period ends to avoid charges to your credit card. So here are things you need to include in your note: free trial name and a bit description of what it’s about, sign up date, how long it lasts, and where to call or contact person to cancel your subscription (you can find it on the “Terms” section of the trial offer’s website).

To reduce risk of being charged, check with Treasure Trooper each day to see any offers approved. When your sign up is approved, you don’t need to wait for the trial period to almost over. You can cancel it immediately so you won’t get charged. But if you feel that you’re interested with the offer and wish to continue the service, please do so. You’ve got nothing to lose. It’s better if you also keep a good record of your cancellation records. Just in case.

Second-Hand Shopping: Treasure or Junk?

Some people find second-hand shopping just irresistible! Some call their finds treasures, but others call them junk. You can find great second-hand things everywhere: yard sales, boot sales, garage sales, antique shops, flea markets, thrift shops, vintage stores etc. There’s even online second-hand shopping now, of course. You think, “I’ll just have a quick look-you never know what might be there…” And before you know it, you’ve come away with a potential treasure for that corner of the living room.

Even inherited hand-me-downs, although we may be tempted to throw them away, can be useful if we put a little thought into it and get creative.

Items you have inherited may not be in the best condition, or not even your favourite pieces, but these free extras can be given a makeover and used to fill empty spaces crying out for some kind of furniture or decoration. So, don’t give up on them until you’ve given these hand-me-downs a thorough going-over with some sandpaper, paint, new fabric coverings, or whatever. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Possibly the best reason to go the second-hand route is for expense. You can pick up potential treasures for next to nothing (sometimes for free!) and, with a little creativity, they can evolve into original pieces of furniture or home decoration.

Whether things are junk or treasure really depends on YOU. That’s the key. You need some allies to help you, though, one of which is paint. A good coat of paint can completely change the character of a discarded piece of furniture, whether you want to make it look like new, or your own version of shabby chic.

Fabric is also useful. Think of using fabric to re-upholster old chairs which would usually be ready for the scrap-heap. Use old curtains, or even jeans, to create a new look for your favourite dining chairs.

When you find artwork or prints at any second-hand sale that you like don’t discard them because of an old, worn frame; either pop them into a new frame, or paint the old frame to match your décor.

Home accessories and ornaments that may seem like junk can take on a new life with some cleaning and polishing. Simply washing cut-glass vases or rose-bowls with washing-up liquid turns them into brilliant shining pieces of art that are worthy of your new bunch of flowers. Odd china bowls can be used to display fruit or scented candles, or even be used to hold your favourite pot-plant. By using your imagination you will create a unique home at very little cost.

If you are intrigued and possibly interested in going this route, go online and check out for some novel ideas regarding decorating your second-hand finds. It’s one of quite a few sources on second-hand stuff with original ideas and advice.

Finds like these may seem like junk when you first get them, but you can thank yourself when you transform them into treasures!

Best of St Pete Beach and Surrounding Area Shopping

St. Pete Beach is a prime vacation destination on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast. It’s also a great place to shop! Here’s a list of some of the best shopping spots St. Pete Beach has to offer!

1) Buttons, Bangles, and Beads – Located on historic Corey Avenue, Buttons, Bangles, and Beads is your one-stop shopping spot for fine jewelry-making. Whether you’re an expert jewelry maker looking for unique gemstones or just getting started, Buttons, Bangles, and Beads has what you’re looking for!

2) The Surf Shack – Need a bathing suit, surf board, board shorts, or a cute summery dress for your trip? Or how about taking Paddle Board lessons? They’ve got it all at the Surf Shack, combined with super-friendly customer service. Located directly on Gulf Boulevard, it’s within walking distance of several nearby St. Pete Beach Condos and restaurants.

3) Latin Quarter House of Cigars – The Tampa Bay area has a rich history of cigar manufacturing and with it comes some very unique cigar shops, including this one that specializes in hand-rolled cigars. These cigars make great gifts for the folks back home!

4) La Panache – Ladies, are you a fan of bedazzled shirts and gem-stone covered jeans? You’ll love La Panache, a collection of couture-inspired clothing and accessories located just inside Mulligan’s Plaza on Blind Pass Road.

5) Our Unique Boutique – Lots of unique gifts and novelties at Our Unique Boutique, located in Treasure Island on 104th Avenue. A very large supply of aromatic candles which make exception gifts.

6) The Bronze Lady – Located in John’s Pass Shopping Village on Madeira Beach, The Bronze Lady offers an exquisite collection of unique, hard-to-find home-goods and gifts. Be sure to check out Bronze Lady Home just down the street for more larger items such as luxury furniture for the home.

7) Beach Mart – A large collection of swimwear, dresses, beach wraps, flip-flops, sunglasses, and more! Also has a large selection of reasonably-priced souvenir items for the folks back home. If you need something for the beach, be sure to stop here!

8) Florida Orange Grovers Winery Inc. – Offering over 30 unique wine flavors including Key Lime, Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Tropical, Berry, and Citrus. Also sells smoothies. Located on Pasadena Avenue, it’s just a short drive from Gulf Boulevard.

9) Designer Exchange – Score some fabulous deals on women’s designer clothing at this consignment shop that features Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Dior, Fendi, Versace, Armani, and more! Located not far from the beaches on Central Avenue, just outside South Pasadena in St. Petersburg.

10) Perfumery on Corey – Another shop on historic Corey Avenue which isn’t far from some of the nearby St. Pete Beach Timeshares and Treasure Island Condo Rentals, Perfumery on Corey is an independently-owned perfume and cosmetics shop, perfect for finding those one-of-a-kind cosmetic items.

10 Tips For Finding Thrift Treasures – Clothing Edition!

People often seem to think that there is some sort of hidden “secret” to finding the gems in thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales. But truth be told, the only secret is that it takes diligence! You cannot simply scan through a pile or rack and expect to strike gold, in the same manner that you cannot expect to find a hidden treasure in every cave. You have to have the treasure map… or at least a mental treasure map, and I’m giving mine to you for free. Use it wisely!

1) The best way to start anything is by doing research and several kinds of research. The first kind of research is, of course, finding the right places to shop.

To find thrift stores in your area, check online (try, but also don’t forget to to ask around. I’ve noticed that thrift stores are often not always listed online. Where do your friends thrift? Your mom? Your grandma? Surely you know someone who has some experience. There is more than one way to find out about these shops.

And before you go, plan out your route. It’s okay if you get off course, but be economical about your travel, or you probably aren’t saving any cash by thrifting anyway.

This list will be for thrift stores, but for listings of garage and estate sales, check craigslist or just about any local publication’s classified section. Also, I suggest taking a drive down major streets on Friday mornings. Look out for road signs to guide you in!

You’ll also want to do a secondary type of research. Decide what type of items you are looking for before you set out on a shopping spree. If you want to purchase clothing, check vintage fashion web sites, and consider what look you are going for. Or, skim through magazines (including online magazines) to discover fresh looks that you can recreate with old clothing. The key is to be open minded and creative.

2) Now get comfortable. If you want to find treasure, you might have to get a little dirty doing the grunt work. Thrift stores are often dusty places, and you might find yourself on your knees digging through shelves or piles. You wouldn’t want to ruin your latest vintage find. Remember vintage is invaluable, as it’s not easily replaced!

I also suggest wearing easily removable shoes with socks, jeans/sweats and a T-shirt, so you can easily try on items. Don’t wear anything bulky; you want to be able to try on things over your clothes if you need to.

3) You are now ready to start shopping! When you arrive at your destination, immediately dig into the area where you think you might find items you are looking for. Try not to get too distracted in other areas at first. You can check out these areas secondarily if you feel like you have the time. You do, after all, want to get what you came for.

4) Consider your options. I suggest using a cart or basket, if one is available, and picking up a few possibilities. That way, if you find something that you like and aren’t sure about, you can throw it in the cart for later consideration. Sometimes I find things that alone are not particularly outstanding in my size, but then I find the perfect compliment for it later that makes it amazing. For example, a top might not seem awesome until you find a stellar scarf and high-wasted skirt to pair with it. You can always discard items if you don’t find a good match. (Try to be respectful of employees at thrift shops, though; return items where you found them later.) Or, you could go ahead and take a gamble by purchasing it, and try to find something to wear with it elsewhere. And don’t forget that you have your own wardrobe at home that is certainly not off limits for mixing and matching.

5) Remember to be diligent in your search. I don’t know about you, but my favorite vintage items have never jumped out to bite me. In fact, I’ve found that my best finds are at the bottom of a pile somewhere, and that’s why they’ve been overlooked. I usually take great pains to dig through things that others won’t bother with.

6) One of the most important things about choosing your items is to carefully inspect the quality. First and foremost, check for rips and stains. Not everything will be in pristine condition. Unless you are a pro seamstress and want to do some handy work, I suggest moving on if the item fails this test.

7) Also, bare in mind how the item will have to be cared for. If you don’t want to take things to the dry cleaner, don’t buy dry clean only items.

8) Any item that has moved on to round two should be tried on so that you can get an idea of the fit. Fit is everything! Even if there is not a dressing room, you can always try things on over your clothes. This is why I told you not to wear anything bulky. Keep in mind that clothing sizes used to be different (and smaller than sizes today). You can usually find a full length mirror to check things out in the furniture section of thrift stores.

9) If you are looking for true blue vintage, there are several ways to identify it. Look at that tag. If it’s a recognizable brand, is the logo current? I’ve found some really neat vintage Gap before, for instance. Chances are you won’t recognize the brand, but you might be able to find a date on the back of the tag if you’re lucky. If you have an iPhone, this might be a good time to do some Google searching to identify a brand.

More than likely, your best bet for dating something is to really look at the cut, fit, stitching and obviously, the style. Certainly, this will take experience to learn the various eras of fashion, but over time you will learn if you put effort into it. If you’ve ever wondered why people shop vintage stores (like my vintage shop) rather than thrift, it’s because this is definitely a discipline to be learned.

10) Now that you’ve evaluated your primary merchandise and decided what you want, it’s time to dig into to the secondary items in the store that you overlooked earlier. I would suggest only doing this if you have the time. Remember, time is money! If you haven’t found what you want, move on to another store. Be choosey. Don’t buy something just to buy it. However, if you feel you do have some extra time, women should check the men’s section and vice versa. I actually find most of my t-shirts in the men’s section.

What To Expect When You Visit A Shopping Village

A shopping village is not just a mall filled with stores, it is a small village filled with independent shops for you to browse in. Each of the shops is in its own unique building and allows you to feel that you are in a small shop and not in a large department store.

When you go to the shopping village you could browse for fresh produce from the local farmers. You could learn about how to grow plants for yourself, and learn how to treat pests on your flowers and plants.

When you go to the shopping village you can spend the day looking for handcrafted items that are unique. Many of the shops have handcrafted items like signs, handmade quilts, hats, and items of clothing. Accessories for your home and garden that have been created by local shop keepers, and even handmade candies, cookies, and sweets. It is almost as if you have traveled back in time to a place in the past that is slower paced, and intriguing.

A shopping village is filled with artists that work with stained glass, and flower growers that can sell you the perfect specimens to grow in your garden. You can also find places to buy your skin care products, and your exquisite bed linens.

You will find quaint pubs in these villages where you can sit and rest while having a cup of tea or a tankard of ale. There are dining options located throughout the village so you can come to spend a day and enjoy a nice lunch, or an afternoon tea. The village is designed to relax your mind, feed your body, and supply your desires.

You can come to these villages on a bus with a group of friends and spend the day enjoying all of the treasured shops, eateries, and events. These villages have many different events throughout the year designed to attract more shoppers and make the traffic through the village increase.

You should never go to one of these places when you are in a hurry. They are for relaxed shopping where you browse heavily before you decide on a purchase. If you are in a hurry to run into a store and quickly leave you should shop at the impersonal stores located in the shopping centers of the city. When you come to one of the villages you should plan to take your time, and enjoy the experience.

Couples find these areas great places to get away and spend the day, or the weekend. You can browse the antique shops together looking for the perfect item to decorate your home, or you can simply explore every crook and cranny of the area together.

There was a time when all towns had shops that were personal, and catered to customer service more than to mass production. In these specialized villages the shopkeepers greet you warmly and beckon you to come in and browse. They do not spend as much time pressuring you to buy an item as they do trying to get to know you and give you an enjoyable experience. Nothing makes one of the shopkeepers happier than for you to ask questions about their wares.

A shopping village is a perfect respite to the fast paced life in the city. In a shopping village you will be welcomed by each shopkeeper, and you will feel as if you are spending time with a friend instead of browsing in a store. You can get more info here.

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